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Did you know that nearly 80% of the population feel apprehensive about their dental visits? And approximately 5% experience a genuine fear of the dentist and everything associated with it?

Between fear and celebration, there is room for improvement. From relaxation techniques and advanced, quieter equipment to conscious sedation, there are solutions for everyone, including methods to gradually overcome dental anxiety.


Revealing your anxiety

The first step when scheduling your dental appointment is to mention your fears about the environment and, if possible, the specific causes of your fear. Some patients get nervous at the sound (and vibration) of various tools, especially handpieces with drills. Others dislike injections, and so on. If everything about the dentist worries you, let them know. By sharing your fears with the clinic staff, they can better prepare for your visit and offer suitable solutions to enhance your comfort.



Music has proven to be effective in helping to relax. Feel free to wear headphones during treatment. You can also engage your mind with a mental activity like counting backwards from a high number.



If you feel that not being able to see exacerbates your fear, ask the dentist if you can have a mirror or agree on a signal to indicate discomfort or the need for a break.


Conscious sedation, a solution to consider

Are you familiar with conscious sedation, also known as laughing gas or nitrous oxide? When fear becomes overwhelming, sedation can provide a temporary and effective solution, allowing both adults and children to undergo necessary dental care without anxiety or agitation. The name “laughing gas” comes from the fact that the mask covers only the patient’s nose, allowing them to inhale a mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen, a safe sedative that induces feelings of well-being and tranquility.

Your dentist can offer different options to improve your experience and help alleviate your fear. Share your concerns with them to establish a sense of security that will enable you to continue treatments and maintain your oral health.



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